Young Reserve Officers Workshop
Quebec, Canada 5.8. – 11.8.

The Young Reserve Officers Workshop (YROW) is a work group for young reservists that meet during the CIOR Summer Congress. It is a forum where young reserve officers discuss on selected topics and themes, issued by the Executive Committee and in relation with the annual main Congress theme. Apart from the viable input of young people’s opinions into CIOR’s decision making, it offers an opportunity for young reserve officers to meet fellow reservists from different nations of the CIOR members states and associated countries and exchange ideas with them.

The YROW is not only a week of hard work but also a week filled with unique experiences. The YROW participants usually have an interesting programme of excursions to the host country’s civil and military establishments, social gatherings, parties, sports and relaxing

The Finnish YRO’S for 2018

The Finnish Reserve Officers Federation will send two to four young reserve officers to participate in the YROW seminar of the CIOR Summer Congress of 2018 in Quebec, Canada. The members of the Finnish YROW Contingent are selected by an application process open to all young members of the Federation.

There will be more information about YROW 2018 on the CIOR YROW website.

General information about CIOR.

The Selection Board welcomes all applications submitted by email or regular mail before Monday 30.4.2018 24:00 hrs.

Basic Requirements for Applicants:

* reserve officer’s rank and membership of the Finnish Reserve Officers Federation
* age under 30
* good command of English language, including military vocabulary
* outgoing personality and good communication skills

The applicants should familiarise themselves with the Finnish Defence Policy in addition to the structure and doctrine of the Finnish Defence Forces. It is also important to understand the roles and impact of the different voluntary defence organisations in Finland.

For application you will need:

Completed Application Form (pdf)  / (or in MS Excel)

– Passport photo (good quality digital image scan or original photo)

The applications are to be submitted before 30.4.2018 by email to toimisto (at) rul.fi or by regular mail to:

YROW applications
Suomen Reserviupseeriliitto ry.
Döbelninkatu 2
00260 Helsinki


Useful links:

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