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CALLING LETTER: EROK Winter Camp 2015, 06.-08.03, EDFWC (Tartu) 02.02.2015

For years EROK members and friends have gathered at the peak of the winter season to educate themselves, to learn from each other and to foster collaboration and friendships. These events have also adjusted awareness of state business and position among comrades from different areas, generations and expertize. They have also led to new projects and activities.

In 2015 traditional EROK Winter Camp (EWC) will be executed in new format – instead of countryside we shall meet in the heart of Tartu city, in Estonian Defence Forces War College (EDFWC). Some of the lecturers will be in Estonian but some also in English in order to maintain the ability to understand allies and make ourselves understandable to them. EWC also features social evening events and some very traditional activities: shooting competition, hot sauna, top level speakers, analytical and open atmosphere. And of course most trustworthy company!

Registrations (filled application forms) to EWC are welcomed via e-mail to [email protected] until 17.02. Participation fees are being collected via bank payments or in cash at the venue. Participation fee of 60 euros includes accommodation, breakfast, icebreaker welcome drink, dinner on Saturday etc.

Please join our event and foster the regional over the borders collaboration. Foreign participants are also expected to present latest update on defence in their local and state level.

See You in Tartu, city of good thoughts!


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