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Sold out. Thanks to all the patrols which have reported.

As it is known well, God is almighty, omniscient and wise from far away. So He had let the forest fire burn dozens of hectares of states forest near the town of Joensuu. The people tried to interrupt all His work due to common habits but firmly He burnt down the forest from as wide area as He considered to be enough for His future purposes.

A Colonel was the first one to notice how there was an essentially almighty look in the Gods eyes. He was the chief of staff of an army corps and when placing groups, he noticed the burned field “Paloaukea” as an extremely suitable accommodation place.(Narrator, Tuntematon Sotilas (The Unknown Soldier) at beginning of the book, of Paloaukea at Ylämylly of  the Liperi

Paloaukea – Talvijotos 5. –6.3.2016 Ylämylly – Liperi

The national Talvijotos (wintermarch) of the Reserviläisurheiluliitto (Reservist Sports Organization of Finland) is held in Ylämylly of Liperi (Northern Karelia) in March 5th– 6th 2016. The march (Jotos) is an open competition and physical education event between patrols and it is open for everybody. Organizers of the Jotos are Liperin Reserviupseerit and Liperin Reserviläiset in cooperation with the other reservists unions of the area and Maanpuolustuskoulutusyhdistys(MPK ; The National Defence Training Association of Finland).

The Jotos suits excellently to those who like to hike in the nature and eventhough it is organized by reservist, you don’t need to have special interest in reservist things to participate. You can participate also as an individual in which case the patrols are established by the organizer.


There is one class on the Jotos. The standard size of the patrol is three (3) people but also four (4) and five (5) people patrols are accepted. The first patrol will start on Saturday March 5th at 9:00 and the Jotos will end on Sunday March 6th by 15:00. The participation does not require the membership of any defense organizations or performed military service.

Route and tasks

The Jotos comprises a compulsory route and the possible optional tasks. The journey is about 35km and in case of doing all the additional tasks the journey will come more than 40km. With a compulsory route there are tasks which are connected to the soldier information and skills, orienteering and map reading, first aid and rescue, outdoor surviving skills and knowledge to nature and general knowledge.

If the weather allows, the march shall be run through with skis.

Equipment of patrols

The patrol must have at least these items with them during the Jotos: the needed food, the cooking tools and supplies, night orientation equipment’s, mobile phone, and clothing which is in accordance with a situation and weather.

Equipment distributed by the organizer

The sleeping bags and sleeping mats be offered by the organizer and the overnight sleeping place for competitors is arranged. The use of own terrain accommodations is allowed.

Patrol and personal compulsory equipment is ordered at the latest 2 weeks before the Jotos with separately sent advance instructions. You may want to notice that it still is winter with minus degrees in Finland, but you will get better instructions about the current weather nearer the event.


The registration is performed through the web page of MPK by 15.2.2016. Every one participating in the competition must be personally registered for the competition by the MPK web pages. The registration requires that the person has been registered to the MPK information processing system. This way every competitor’s insurance protection is valid.

The course number in the MPK systems for the competition is 1200 16 12026.

Act in registration this way:

  1. If you have not yet registered yourself to the MPK system, register yourself here: https://

Browse upwards, if necessary, and click LUO TUNNUKSET (create username) on the left. Fill the fields and finally click TALLENNA (save). NB! The valid e-mail address is compulsory. (The fields are from uppest to the lowest: First name/ Last name/ E-mail address/Date of birth/Username/Password/Repeat password)

  1. If you have registered yourself before, or when you have registered yourself, you are able to sign in to the event of Paloaukea – Talvijotos 2016 trough here:

During the registration every competitor must inform:

  1. Name and domicile of the patrol.
  2. Leader of the patrol (= contact person) name and telephone number. (Individual competitor acts as contact person, and the leader of the patrol is determined before starting the Talvijotos)
  3. Possible food allergies
  4. The date of participation payment and the payers name (participation payment must be paid before the registration)
  5. If you have a need to use Finnish Military equipment reserved by the organizer;

The organizer has prepared to share these equipment’s to the competitors, if necessary:

The additional questions can be presented in connection with the registration, or can be asked directly from the Leader or Secretary of Jotos (contacts below), or with the ” Kysy meiltä” form on the pages.

Participation payments

Patrol: 155,00 euros.

Individual person: 60,00 euros. The organizer establishes the patrols from individual competitors (3-5 people per patrol).

The payment must be made by 15.2.2016 to account of Liperin Reserviupseerit


FI26 5234 0340 0005 50

Information to the text field of the payment: which patrol and the members of the patrol the registration payment applies. The post-participating payment is 175.00 euros/patrol after February 16th, and it must be paid 1.3.2016 at the latest.

The participation payment will include dining and washing facilities at the goal of the Jotos on Sunday, Jotos record and diploma.

A 50% of the paid sum will be compensated from the cancelling of the participation if the canceling announcement comes by 2.3.2016(a medical certificate is required.)


The three best patrols of the whole competition are rewarded and separately the three best woman patrols also are rewarded.


The MPK insurance protection becomes valid when the patrol and its participants have reported on the competition place. The competitors are responsible for their own insurance protection when traveling to the competition place and off the competition place. The MPK insurance protection does not replace the breaking down or disappearing of personal material, which take place during the competition.

The official Jotos rules of Reserviläisurheiluliitto are followed.


Leader Jussi Hirvonen, GSM. +358 50 584 3984, e-mail jussi.hirvonen(ät)

Secretary Marko Halonen, GSM. +358 500 181 450, e-mail marko.p.halonen(ät)

Jotos – official webpage:

Paloaukea –Talvijotos competition centre:  Ylämyllyn koulu/Paloaukean yksikkö, Patteristontie 12 E, 80400 YLÄMYLLY

Welcome to Talvijotos to Northern Karelia!

The jotos is organised by Kainuus Brigade (Kainuun Prikaati) and Liperis reserves



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