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The Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation (FROF) is a voluntary organisation dedicated to develop the skills and abilities of reserve officers, contribute to national defence and support the national security.

The mission of the FROF is to maintain and improve the military skills, leadership abilities and readiness of the reserve officers. FROF also acts as a link between its member associations and between the individual reserve officers. The Federation is politically non-aligned.

The first reserve officers’ association, was founded 1925 in Helsinki. The activities of the association soon expanded to other parts of Finland, so the founding of a central organisation at the national level became necessary within a few years. The Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation was founded on May 17, 1931 in Helsinki. The first president of the Federation was second lieutenant N. A. Osara. 1st Lieutenant Aaro Mäkelä is the current and 13th president of the Federation. The only honorary president of the Federation was the Marshal of Finland, C. G. E. Mannerheim.

Today the Federation has about 28 000 members. The Federation is comprised of 290 member associations organised into 20 reserve officer districts. The Federation publishes jointly with the Finnish Reservist Association and the Association of Defence Guilds the “Reserviläinen” (the Reservist) newspaper which appears seven times a year with a circulation of about 65 000 copies.

The General Assembly of the Federation is convened every three years. The General Assembly elects the President and the Council of the Federation. The Council, which is convened twice a year, elects the Vice-Presidents and the Board of the Federation. The Board is the executive body of the Federation and it has meetings between four and six times per year.

The main activities of the Federation include military training, military sports and physical education as well as administrative activities and maintenance of the officers’ traditions. Combat readiness is emphasised in sports and physical education by concentrating on terrain marches, field exercises, shooting and cross-country orienteering.

The Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation has been actively involved in developing the voluntary defence training with the Defence Forces and other voluntary organisations. The Federation is a member of the National Defence Training Association (MPK ry), which organises voluntary defence training courses and acts as a link between the Defence Forces and all volunteers. In this co-operation the special area of interest for the Federation is leadership and instructor training. The Federation has developed a comprehensive Military Leadership Training Programme.

The Federation works in close co-operation with the reserve officers’ associations of other Nordic countries. FROF has been a member of the Nordic Reserve Officers’ Coordinating Presidium since 1934. The Presidium organises, amongst many things, seminars on defence issues and yearly field competitions. Since 1998 the federation has also maintained a close partnership with Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association (ROK).

The Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation has had a close working relationship with the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) since 1993 and has been an associate member of CIOR since 1996. During the last five years the delegates of the Federation have attended the EC, MILCOMP and YROW. Since Finland joined NATO as a full member in 2023, RUL has been a full member of CIOR and Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserve Officers (CIOMR).

Executive Group of the Federation 2024

President of the Federation: Captain Aaro Mäkelä

I Vice-President: 1st lieutenant Tuomas Kuusivaara

II Vice-President: Captain Mika Pakkanen

President of the Federation Council: Major Jyri Vilamo

FROF Central Office
Address: Döbelninkatu 2, 00260 Helsinki, Finland

Secretary General, Major Janne Kosonen
Tel. + 358 50 581 0819
e-mail: janne.kosonen at

Organization Manager, 1st Lieutenant Toni Sarro
Tel. + 358 40 556 8798
e-mail: jarjesto at

Office Secretary, Ms. Tarja Haili-Kilpiö
Tel. +358 9 4056 2054
e-mail: toimisto at